Daimler MCW Fleetline Birmingham City Transport – Sheldon 58


The Daimler Fleetline (known as the Leyland Fleetline from circa 1975) was a rear-engined double-decker bus chassis which was built between 1960 and 1983. By the end of production, over 15,000 Atlanteans/Fleetlines had been built. Greater Manchester PTE (and its predecessors) was the largest operator of the Atlantean with 'Greater Manchester Standard' bodies from Northern Counties and, to a lesser extent, Park Royal. Second was Glasgow Corporation/Greater Glasgow PTE most of which were bodied by Walter Alexander. Third was Merseyside PTE who took approximately 800 Atlanteans mostly bodied by Walter Alexander and East Lancs although there were smaller batches with MCW and Willowbrook bodies.

Daimler MCW Fleetline - Birmingham City Transport

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