Bristol RELL (A) Flat Front Devon General N.B.C. Exeter 37


The Bristol RE was a rear-engined single-decker bus or single-decker coach chassis built by Bristol Commercial Vehicles from 1962 until 1982. From 1972, sales to the National Bus Company (NBC), which had taken over the operations of both THC and BET) began to dry up, due to the introduction of the Leyland National, however examples continued to operate with some of the larger operators into the early 1990's. The RE's have also proved to be a popular choice with preservationists and many examples can still be seen at bus rallies today. The Bristol RE series of buses were the last single deck vehicles to carry the manufacturer's famous name.



  • RELL - long (36'), low frame (bus)
  • RESL - short, low frame (bus)
  • RELH - long (36'), high frame (coach or dual-purpose)
  • RESH - short, high frame (coach or dual-purpose; rare)
  • REMH - maximum length (12m), high frame (coach)

Bristol RELL (A) - Devon General N.B.C.

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